About Kalamitsi

Kalamitsi is an extremely beautiful district in the south-eastern of Sithonia peninsula, about 160 km far from Thessaloniki. Kalamitsi is a well-known summer riviera having beautiful blue sea and a sandy beach. Although Kalamitsi mainly offers quite, calm and relaxing vacations, nearby resorts, like Sarti (20 km far) and N. Marmaras (40km far), offer a more active night life.

A Kalamitsi visitor can find super-market, bars, kiosks, beach bars, taverns (Greek restaurant) and fast foods.

Sykia, Sarti and N. Marmars have post offices, while in Kalamitsi you can only find post boxes. Bank offices can be found in N. Marmaras. Also, there ATM’s in Sarti and Sykia

A satellite view of the area (source: Google Maps)

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Generally, a vehicle is required for the curious visitors of the Sithonia peninsula. If you do not have you own vehicle, you can use the public transportation, KTEL Halkidikis. There are only 4-5 buses per day which connect Kalamitsi with the neighbouring settlements, villages and Thessaloniki. You can also call for a taxi from Sarti or Sikia. Finally, in N. Marmaras and Sarti you can also rent a car or a bicycle.

Useful Information

Kalamitsi is a part of Municipality of Sithonia, Municipal Community of Torony

  • Municipality (Community), Telephone: 23750 42146
  • Police, Telephone: 23750 41111
  • Sikias public doctor, Telephone:2375041312
  • Medical Center A. Nikolaou, Telephone: 2375031789
  • Hospital (placed in Poligiros), Telephone: 2371024021-7

KTEL Halkidikis main stations:

  • Thessaloniki 2310-316555, 2310-316565
  • Poligiros 23710-22309
  • N. Moudania 23730-21228